Lark is the leading and only producer in India manufacturing Oxygen Free Copper Rods (OFHC) with European Technology and conforming to (Table UNS No.C10200-Copper type OFC).

Lark has the largest range of Round Enamelled Wires in India and also manufactures the thickest Round Enamelled Wire in the World (6.5 mm).

The range includes 3 SWG to 42 SWG (6.5 mm to 0.1 mm) wires conforming to Standards : IS, BSS, NEMA, JIS, DIN and also as per customer’s requirements.
At Lark, we produce winding wires as per various technical specifications including IEC, IS, BSS, NEMA and JIS as well as per specific requirements our customers may have.
Lark’s customers include many large and medium electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers both in India and worldwide. Our wires are widely used in equipment such as:

Lark jointly with TDT copper at Moscow exhibition 2014

Lark has been exporting to 12 countries. It has participated in various national and international exhibition including