Oxygen Free Copper Wire Rod

The OFC Rod with ten upward casting lines from Rautomead, UK with a total capacity of 8000 tons a year


Standards ASTM B 49- 10 ( Table 1: UNS number 10200)
Diameter8 mm to 16 mm
Size8 mm, 12.5 mm & 16mm
Packaging in Coils
Internal Diameter
Outer Diameter
Coil Weight
Wooden Pallet 1500 * 1500 mm and HDPE cover
950 mm
1500 mm
Upto 5 mt as per customer requirement (standard coil weight 1, 2.2, 3 & 4 mt)

Standards OF Mechanical Properties (OF Rod , not rolled) : ASTM B 49 (Table UNS No. C10200-Copper type OFC)

UNS Number 11200 Copper Type Unit ASTM B49-09 TDT Typical
Copper, min % min 99.90 > 99.996
Tellurium ppm 2 < 1.0
Selenium ppm 2 <1.0
Bismuth, max ppm 1 1
Antimony max ppm 4 0.9
Arsenic max ppm 5 1.16
Tin, max ppm 5 0.42
Lead max ppm 5 0.7
Nickel max ppm 10 0.76
Sulfur, max ppm 15 7-8
Silver, max ppm 25 9.2
Oxygen ppm <10 <10
% Elongation % min 30% min >38
Tensile strength Min Mpa / N/mm2 >170 >170
Surface Oxide Angstrom max 750 <300
Conductivity % IACS 100%Min >102
Diameter Tolerance +/-0.38 mm < +/-0.20

Quality features

Superior Electrical Conductivity.
High Thermal conductivity.
High Ductility.
Good for low frequency signal transmission.
Less Surface Oxides.
High Creep Resistance.
Inclusion free product.
Good Weldability.

Ideal raw material for:

Drawing wires in the industry of large motors, transformers, wire and cables.
Aerospace industry, automotive harnesses, robotic arms, printer head cables.
High end audio and video systems.
Trolley wire ( High Creep resistance).
production of ultra-fine magnet wire and as a feedstock for continuous extrusion for miniaturized circuitry of electronics industry.
Multi strand drawing machines.
Strips being made with conform process.
Energy and heat transfer system e.g. solar & Thermal panels.
Telecom industry cables, requiring high electrical conductivity, good weldability, tight physical tolerance and very clean product.